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Kobe Wagyu and Grass Fed Chicago or Memphis Wagyu Beef Burger

Pasture raised livestock produces beef which has a different flavor from that which is produced from animals that are grain fed. The meat has less fat and people who cook with it at home say that despite the seasonings that are utilized, the prime beef has a unique flavor that is tastier than what they are used to with steaks from grain fed sources.

People who are concerned about the effect that we as humans have on the environment also like pasture raised cattle for lots of reasons. For one, it is more economical to practice this form of agriculture.

People who raise livestock on grass are able to produce up to 200 pounds more beef than farmers who rely on hormones and grains to bulk up their cattle. Farmers who engage in this sustainable practice also get more beef per pound, since steers that are fed grains and hormones often end up with significantly more fat than those which are able to eat grass.

What is Kobe Beef in Many American Restaurants?

The Kobe beef that is served on the menu in lots of American restaurants is called that because it is produced using steers that are Japanese in origin. When you order Kobe beef, it does not necessarily mean that you are ordering imported beef.

Differences in Taste Between American Raised Wagyu and Japanese Kobe Beef

In many ways, the appearance of beef that is produced from Wagyu which are raised in America is similar to that of Tajima-gyu which are raised in Japan. This is because American farmers try to follow almost exactly, the methods developed by Japanese farmers over the years. In order to be named Kobe beef, the production in Japan must follow exacting standards, with reference to the weight of the animal, the marbling of the beef, etc.

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What is Japanese Wagyu Kobe Beef Burger?

Japanese Wagyu Kobe beef burger is popular around the world for its flavor. In order to reduce the costs associated with importing this type of beef from Asia, several American farmers have started raising their own American Wagyu. Wagyu means “Japanese cattle” and is not a particular breed. Wagyu just refers to all the ancestral Japanese breeds.

Kobe beef- via Wikimedia

In most restaurants across the United States, people who order Wagyu beef or Kobe beef are able to enjoy home grown meat. That is, most restaurants serve what they call American Wagyu steaks. Some of these livestock are pasture raised.

Kobe is located in Hyogo prefecture. It is the capital of that area. The climate in Hyogo is ideal for producing delicious beef and farmers in that area have spent years perfecting their methods of agriculture.

 Kobe beef in Japan is a registered trademark, so this is why in several restaurants that serve American grown Wagyu, the meat is not called Kobe beef. Instead, it is called Wagyu prime beef. Wagyu beef that is produced on American farms is sometimes called Domestic Wagyu.

Technically, Kobe beef refers to steaks and other cuts of beef that are obtained from the Tajima strain of Wagyu cattle. The Tajima-gyu breed, by law, is the only breed that should be used to produce Kobe beef. This meat is enjoyed as a delicacy in Japan because of its tenderness and flavor. It is used to prepare sashimi, sukiyaki and other dishes.

Since American farmers endeavor to grow their cattle using the same methods as the Japanese, the cosmetic appearance of their meat is almost the same. However, American Wagyu briskets have a bolder flavor than Japanese Kobe. This may be intentional because of how Americans like to enjoy their beef.

NYC Wagyu is very likely to be produced domestically. If you want Wagyu beef for sale in New York or in any other part of the country, try one of the farmers who grow their cattle using grass. This is a healthier option than grain fed cattle. However, it will not taste exactly the same as Kobe Beef from Hyogo.

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